Saturday, January 17, 2009

Do Schools Kill Creativity?

The British author and educational specialist Ken Robinson spoke at TED in 2006 and gave a great speech about the need for education reform. With great humor he argues that the current educational system is structured to punish non conformity and in the process wipes out much of a child's creativity.

Robinson just published "The Element Book", a study of some of the most influential academics, musicians, authors and performers of our time. He seeks to understand at which point "natural talent meets personal passion" and tries to highlight some of the conditions conducive to fostering creativity and innovation.

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Anonymous said...

I think this guy is brilliant. I was doing some other research on him and I’m not only thoroughly impressed but I agree with him on many levels. Most of what he says is important and insightful, but in my opinion the most poignant is his commentary of the tools and skills set for the future generations given educationary inflation. Also, I never, ever put it together, the link between standardized education systems and curriculum and industrialization. Fascinating.